Health Care

The ability to deliver quality patient care depends on secure networks, ample bandwidth to support massive digital data records and 100% uptime. Health care IT leaders are responsible for maintaining a secure, efficient, and stable network that can withstand disaster situations. They must ensure HIPAA requirements are enforced, manage an increasingly mobile workforce and provide 24/7 support when needed. This can be challenging for even the largest IT departments and a drain on resources.

vCom understands the complexities of managing the entire technology lifecycle for health care organizations, from ensuring carrier and last mile diversity, to identifying red phones, and to assigning appropriate telecommunications service priority codes.

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Financial Services

In an increasingly complex and highly regulated industry, financial services IT leaders are challenged with ensuring data governance, network efficiency, and an ever-expanding mobile environment. Maintaining a network that allows for speedy and secure access to massive amounts of data with little tolerance for downtime can strain an already overburdened team.

Without the right tools and dedicated resources, the process of selecting, implementing, and managing networks, voice circuits or conferencing services may result in downtime, billing errors, little visibility into inventory, and slow support from providers. Devoting IT staff to avoid these problems can drain resources and harm productivity elsewhere. vCom Solutions is helping more than 25 institutions–large and small manage their IT environment. From procurement and support to financial management and analysis, they are gaining visibility, and control over their spending and inventory–saving time and money.

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Manufacturing & Distribution

Success in manufacturing and distribution requires embracing and enabling technologies, despite the challenges of remote locations with limited network options and smaller offices where technology investments are constrained. Maintaining network health and security while controlling costs and managing a plethora of vendors can be particularly challenging.

vCom resolves these issues faced by IT leaders in manufacturing and distribution organizations by implementing a complete lifecycle management solution from vendor-agnostic sourcing to identifying appropriate technologies, to optimizing the underlying IT landscape. With a sophisticated software platform and proven managed services, vCom helps manufacturing and distribution leaders select the right technologies and gain visibility and control over their spend and inventory.


Technology people love elegant software. They’ll appreciate our platform, and embrace the tools that make them more efficient. From our traditional desktop solution to our mobile applications for iOS and Android, they’ll have the resources needed to support real-time applications with the highest levels of reliability, enable a remote workforce, and serve unusually sophisticated and demanding employee and client users. Like most technology companies, vCom is dedicated to improving its platform and services with several releases to improve user experience and functionality. You’ll get access to best-of-breed technologies without having to vet a single vendor.

vCom helps technology firms select the right technology to empower their workforce, gain visibility and control over inventory, and save time and money.

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