For IT

IT departments at mid-sized enterprises have limited time and resources. Without the right tools and expertise, the process of selecting, implementing, and managing networks and circuits often results in downtime and costly billing errors.

vCom’s technical support team manages all technical issues and trouble tickets on a 24/7/365 basis, drives carrier escalations to reduce service-impacting outages, and provides ticket updates through the vManager portal. Our cloud-based software also provides a consolidated view of spend across all phone and data products and carriers, and serves as a central repository of information to analyze and manage your technology management environment.

For Finance

When you are dealing with carriers directly, your invoice management processes are clearly a challenge. Not only are you dealing with invoices from multiple carriers, but often multiple invoices from the same carrier. We believe this is far too complicated.

Imagine a world where all your inventory has an assigned cost center, and an AP posting file, across all carriers and services, can be produced in seconds.

For Executives

The vManager Dashboard provides executives with a 20,000 foot view of their technology lifecycle, with the ability to drill down to the smallest detail. It allows you to conduct analysis on the fly, and even suggests savings ideas based upon your spend.

Along with actionable information, vCom customers attain the benefits often sought in a single-source solution without compromising the advantages of a multi-vendor portfolio. The end result is continuous control, accountability, and visibility over one of the last untapped operating expenses.

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