Littler Mendelson is the largest U.S.-based law firm exclusively devoted to representing management in every aspect of labor and employment law. With more than 900 attorneys, 55 locations, and a slew of awards for professional excellence, Littler is very well-run law firm.


With an extensive national presence, Littler struggled to manage its communication environment prior to using vCom. They had trouble tracking what services they had, felt that those services were not optimized, and had no way to validate whether or not they were being billed at their contracted rates.

They were interested in consolidating their services with a Tier 1 carrier across 38 states to simplify matters, but even the largest of U.S. carriers couldn’t provide services everywhere, and in some locations didn’t have the best pricing available. Littler was also considering layering a VoIP network infrastructure on top of its existing data network, but didn’t have the tools to analyze the financial impact of such an upgrade.


  • Tracking and optimizing services
  • Validating rates and billing
  • Struggling to calculate ROI
  • Processing more than 100 bills per month


  • Moved services under vCom management
  • Benchmarked and implemented cost savings opportunities
  • Negotiated carrier credits and eliminated unused services
  • Customized vManager software to improve visibility and automate cost allocation


  • Eliminated over 100 monthly invoices
  • Re-allocated 1 entire FTE in bill processing
  • Efficiently doubled network bandwidth
  • Saved $60,000 annually in a single office from eliminating unused inventory


vCom was the perfect fit for Littler. The vCom team built a capacity model for Littler based on office size, allowing them to right-size and optimize all the offices to the new standard. vCom performed benchmarking to identify cost savings opportunities from switching carriers. Littler moved all analog services under vCom management, and vCom managed these new carrier relationships, so that the internal IT team no longer needed to deal with multiple carriers. When vCom identified services that were being billed erroneously, they helped Littler negotiate long term credits from the offending carrier.

vCom also customized Littler’s vManager cloud software instance to provide visibility to the interoffice long distance usage to assess the impact of the VoIP network infrastructure upgrade that they were considering. Without the software, it had been impossible to see and manually analyze the call detail records across multiple offices, carriers, and invoices, to be able to determine the long distance costs from office-to-office calls. The new visibility led to the decision to do the upgrade, since the eliminated office-to-office long distance calls made the investment pay off quickly. Other customization included
automating GL coding per Littler’s accounting requirements, and direct import into their Elite accounting platform.

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The Littler team experienced dramatic results from the move to vCom. They eliminated over 100 monthly invoices, which saved the time of one entire FTE in bill processing. They doubled their bandwidth in a very cost effective manner by layering a voice network over their data network. They eliminated unused inventory of over 100 lines – saving $60,000 per year in a single office. Finally, the vManager software gave them greater visibility to oversee and successfully manage their entire communications environment.

With over 50 offices throughout the US, vCom has helped ease the burden of tracking our inventory, our carriers and most importantly managing our costs. vCom is helping Littler redirect our internal telecommunications resources to higher value activities while better managing our vendor relationships.- Michael Williams, CIO
I always enjoy working with vCom. I consider them to be a valued and trusted partner.- Brad Seifert, IT Operations Director

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