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Riverview Community Bank was struggling with managing their telecommunications environment. With 18 branches spread out across two states, and only four people in their IT department, managing their multiple carriers, maintaining their networks, and staying on top of orders was a manual and time consuming process.

They had also identified a need to improve their communications network, upgrading it to a system that would provide greater functionality, bandwidth, and scalability, while preserving network security. Although they had ideas, they lacked the expertise and resources to execute. An added concern was that there potentially were unrealized savings from contract negotiations and unused inventory.

An IT team member proposed engaging a telecom management provider to help gain visibility and control of their telecom environment, improve their communications infrastructure, identify cost savings, and manage carrier relationships.

Riverview realized they needed to:

  • Understand their telecom estate, including all carriers, lines, services, and communications and networking needs
  • Partner with a solution provider with a professional services team to develop and deliver innovative solutions
  • Upgrade their technology to enable better communications between their branches
  • Identify redundancies, unused lines and services, as well as areas for consolidation
  • Automate manual processes and implement a software solution to track inventory, manage MACDs, and deliver reporting and analytics
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Annual Telecom Expense

The Solution

vCom Solutions assembled a cross-functional project team to assess Riverview Community Bank’s needs and develop a plan to improve their existing communications network. Working with Riverview’s IT team, vCom developed a plan to upgrade Riverview’s network from a private line solution. The new network architecture was built on a platform that provided increased bandwidth, allowed for scalability as the bank grows, maintained data security, and provided redundancies to enable maximum uptime. As an added bonus, the new solution was significantly less expensive than the existing network.

Riverview Community Bank had expressed concerns about working with their carrier vendors to implement the proposed solution. By turning everything over to vCom’s professional services team – who had the insights, technical expertise, and years of experience managing vendors – Riverview’s IT team was free to work on core activities knowing that vCom would complete the project and deliver the desired improvements.

vCom completed the implementation of the private line solution, saving Riverview countless hours of working with the carrier to manage the implementation, ensuring that deadlines were met, and overcoming the typical hurdles of working with a vendor.

Riverview Community Bank’s telecom environment was loaded into vManager, vCom’s cloud – based telecom management software tool; and vCom’s professional services team was fully engaged to manage Riverview’s entire telecom lifecycle – from procurement and support to analysis and optimization. vCom collaborated with Riverview’s vendors to verify inventory, identify opportunities for savings and conversion, and determine how best to optimize services. Through careful analysis, vCom identified 48 unused lines, a significant portion of Riverview’s inventory.

Eliminating the unused lines, combined with other cost saving suggestions, vCom was able to save Riverview more than $150,000 per year. The employee who recommended engaging a telecom management provider was awarded a 10% bonus on savings recognized as part of Riverview Community Bank’s “Bright Ideas Rewards Program.”

Key Successes

  • Improving processes by changing from a manual process to a centralized,
    automated process via vManager
  • Engaging a professional services team to manage all aspects of carrier interaction from procurement through analysis and optimization
  • Successfully migrating from a private line solution providing increased bandwidth and scalability while preserving security and delivering cost savings

Benefits of working with vCom Solutions

  • Dedicated professional services team with over 94% customer satisfaction
  • Experts in every aspect of telecom management from sourcing to network architecture to analysis
  • Single invoice and single point of contact for all carriers and services
Many times, vendors are unable to meet expectations and deliver on their promises. vCom, however, exceeded expectations by not only delivering on their promises, but on their ‘maybes’. For example, they were able to get circuits delivered despite dealing with some of our more challenging carriers who indicated we would not be able to get the circuits we required. The vCom team was very easy to interact with, constantly keeping us apprised of the situation and any potential challenges, while working tirelessly to overcome any obstacles thrown their way. They continue to regularly connect with us to ensure our satisfaction, and we couldn’t be happier with our engagement.- Riverview Community Bank EVP Kim Capeloto
For this project we had to be especially persistent with the selected carriers, constantly working to get updates on the various services ordered and, at times, delayed. Our team had to manage frequent escalations to ensure that the project milestones were met. The main driver for success with this project was the constant communication between vCom and Riverview throughout the implementation process. We provided timely updates and status for each and every order, and had regular calls to provide updates, good or bad. Riverview Bank could count on vCom to take on the hefty challenge of dealing with the various carriers on their behalf.- vCom Project Manager Jason Sicat

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