Sentinel is one of America’s largest providers of electronic monitoring services and technologies. The company has been providing solution-oriented services through their partnership with the judicial system, law enforcement, and correctional agencies nation-wide since 1993.

Sentinel is nationally recognized for their RF Patrol electronic monitoring system, which is the most sophisticated and reliable, electronic in-home monitoring unit. Its web-based interface is scalable and customizable, and provides comprehensive case management and offender-management services 365 days a year with 24/7 accessibility

Challenge: Many Devices with Zero Control

Sentinel distributes tens of thousands of loT-enabled Patrol devices in the form of ankle bracelets, annually, from their 40 locations nation-wide. Before engaging vCom, Sentinel relied on reams of invoices from carriers to track and manage each device. In addition, Sentinel had fixed contract rate plans for its devices, limiting its ability to modify plans as their needs changed. Sentinel also lacked the ability to automatically place orders and report on its inventory and costs. Sentinel was often paying for monitoring units regardless of activation date, with limited visibility and no alerts tracking individual device usage. Sentinel needed a solution that was scalable and cost-efficient with total visibility into devices and spend.


  • Manage thousands of IoT-enabled devices
  • Lack of control over technology spend and inventory
  • Fixed contracts that negatively impact costs


  • Moved services under vCom management
  • Leveraged vManager for management of spend
  • Managed migration to new technology


  • Visibility into spend and inventory
  • 50% reduction in cost with flexible cost plans
  • Product enhancements and expanded footprint

Transformation: Automation and Visibility Cut Cost in Half

In order to support it’s demanding IoT business operations, vCom worked with Sentinel to deploy a best-in-class inventory management and service provisioning cloud platform – thereby cutting costs by up to 50%. Through its partnership with vCom and its collaboration with service providers, Sentinel went on to develop an enhanced monitoring platform, introducing Bluetooth, WiFi and 4G/LTE to improve geolocation. Moreover, vCom deployed a cloud-based platform enabling Sentinel to track devices deep inside large facilities and while roaming. Thanks to vCom’s bestin-class solution, Sentinel was able to expand its offering outside the continental United States. Sentinel can now target new revenue generation opportunities and augment its offering to its prospective client base.

Results: Growth and Value

Sentinel gained much needed visibility into its distribution of loT-based monitoring devices, in addition to significant cost-savings in it’s technology spend. vCom was able to negotiate dynamically adjusted rates, improve the scope of device monitoring, and cut Sentinel’s costs to half of what it was paying before deploying vCom’s customizable and scalable IoT solution. vCom’s platform allows Sentinel to focus on its growth efforts in order to scale its monitoring technology and services, which was previously impossible with its outdated tools and by dealing with service providers directly. Thanks to its new partnership with vCom, Sentinel’s core services have been enhanced, while its overall portfolio of services is growing to provide even more value to its clients in the law enforcement world.

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vCom has found a way to implement applications in vManager that provide solutions and assist in areas that I previously would have never thought to ask. It is a one-stop shop for almost every IT management service that you can think of and then some.- Andrew Anderson, Sentinel

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