West Coast Bank (WCB) is one of the most prominent banks in the Pacific Northwest, with $2.4 billion in assets and over 60 branches and offices in Oregon and Washington. The company combines the sophisticated products and expertise of larger banks with the local decision making, market knowledge and customer service of a community bank.


Prior to vCom, WCB worked with a number of telecom carriers. The WCB IT team received poor customer service and multiple bills. As the data network evolved over time, it grew to include a number of technologies across the enterprise. They needed a unified technology strategy, but weren’t sure if their telecom carriers were really bringing them the most appropriate technology, or just trying to sell what they needed to sell. WCB sought vCom’s expertise to develop a comprehensive strategy to both select their technology and manage their inventory and spend.


  • Poor customer service and multiple bills
  • Different technologies at different branches
  • Uncertainty of the best technology to meet their needs


  • Migrate voice, data, and Internet services to vCom management
  • Renegotiate contracts to achieve savings
  • Leverage vManager software for the ongoing operational and accounting management of spend and inventory


  • 20%+ cost savings across the board
  • Increased network bandwidth for growing data needs
  • Unified technology across branches
  • Dramatically improved service levels
  • Automated cost allocation by vManager


vCom began managing WCB’s voice services and migrated this inventory into the vManager cloud-based platform. When the remaining data network and voice contracts expired, vCom performed a sourcing analysis, comparing carriers and products. Although WCB had significant spend with one of the carriers, vCom was able to negotiate an even deeper discount due to its aggregated buying power. This gave WCB additional savings beyond what they could have achieved buying directly from the carrier.

vCom developed a comprehensive migration plan for the data network, upgrading the bandwidth, while lowering costs at the same time. vCom managed the implementation of WCB’s 62-site MPLS network and centralized Internet connectivity, dedicating project management and service delivery teams with executive oversight, to ensure a successful migration. There was no unplanned downtime during the conversion, and WCB’s CIO, Jim Bygland was pleased throughout the process: “The team and process that vCom has in place is very impressive, and I am enthralled with how the project is going.”

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West Coast Bank has been reaping the benefits of moving to vCom in several areas. First, it has achieved more than 20% cost savings in its voice, circuits, and MPLS services. It has enhanced its network architecture with more bandwidth, and also unified its technology for linking all the branches. Service levels and support also improved. When there was a major outage due to a carrier mistake, vCom managed the escalation and pressured the carrier to resolve the problem promptly, and to WCB’s satisfaction.

The team and process that vCom has in place is very impressive. The team is on top of the issues and continues to have WCB’s best interests at heart.- Jim Bygland, CIO

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