Latest Features and Benefits

  • Dashboard Redesign – a new, customizable Dashboard module in vManager gives users control of which metrics to display that are most valuable to them. Unique information can be displayed based on individual preferences and roles– delivering relevant and actionable insights.
  • New Search Feature – a new, global Search functionality now allows users to get access to information they need faster than ever before. Customers can search the platform for Orders, Inventory, Tickets & Locations and more.
  • vCom University – the refined educational resource center highlights pertinent content related to business needs. Module-by-module videos and solutions focused topics are featured to help customers navigate the evolving software platform.
  • Improved Shop & Buy Experience – an upgraded online store for IT services and products offers a streamlined experience for better sorting and filtering within the pricing catalogue.
  • Automatic Alerts for Contracts – the useful feature helps customers gain transparency and time with a clear line of sight into their contract terms, end-dates and opportunities to re-negotiate. Users receive monthly email notifications before contracts are up for renewal in 120 days or less.
  • Streamlined Menu – new icons in the main navigational menu to improve user experience and clarify represented modules, such as shop, orders and more.

Just when you thought the vManager platform
was robust enough, it gets even better

Redesigned Dashboard

Improved and completely customizable Dashboard module allows users to select and display the metrics according to their individual needs.

  • Change and Configure Panels that are displayed based on roles and preferences
  • Select which metrics are most relevant to them by dragging & dropping content
  • Track account activity, billing trends, spend under management, action items and more


Comprehensive educational resource to help users get the most out of vManager.

  • Search across the entire software platform
  • Easily find Orders, Inventory, Tickets, Locations, and more
  • Faster access to crucial information

vCom University

A comprehensive library of educational resources with content to help you master the software modules so you get the most out of vManager – select what you need.

  • Short video tutorials of module-by-module functionality
  • Tips & tricks
  • Troubleshooting

Shop & Buy

Streamlined experience for better sorting and filtering. Shop for IT services and products quickly and easily.

  • Real-time pricing
  • Instant quote management and price comparisons
  • Shopping cart with easy service order approvals and order tracking

Automatic Alerts for Contracts

Keep current with at-a-glance contract terms, end-dates and opportunities to re-negotiate.

  • Keep current with at-a-glance contract terms, end-dates
  • Proactive opportunities to re-negotiate
  • Monthly email alerts 120 days in advance of contract renewals

vCom Solutions is a cloud-based software and managed services company focused on helping enterprises manage IT spend from procure-to-pay. vCom improves visibility and control within a single platform while decreasing expenses for wireline, mobile, cloud and collaboration technologies.

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