Planning & Procurement Management Operations Management Expense Management
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  • Solution Design
  • Sourcing
  • Contract Management
  • IT Planning
  • Technology Architecture Design
  • Vendor Scorecard
  • RFP Management

vCom’s professional services team will meet with your IT leadership team to better understand your business drivers, IT priorities on an annual and quarterly basis, and ensure a proactive approach to discussing and evaluating technology trends that will help you achieve your business goals and position IT as a business driver.

Our team will collaborate with your IT team to put together a blue print of your current technology architecture, and based on your business goals and strategies, help design a new architecture that enables achieving those goals. Leveraging vManager’s ROI Calculator, our team of technology solutions executives will evaluate the benefits of new technologies to ensure a sound investment strategy.

Our customers gain access to our Vendor Scorecard that compares provider performance in Sales and Sales Support, Sales Engineering, Implementation, Technical Support, Billing and Dispute Management. When leveraging our built-in RFP process, the Vendor Scorecard is normalized to enable comparison of different providers, to enable you to make the best decision for your business.

By virtue of leveraging vCom for managing any solution design, customers gain access to a formal RFP process that enables them to benchmark, compare and fully analyze a solution before selecting a finalist. This process that typically costs tens of thousands of dollars is included as part of our managed services, and affords organizations the opportunity to leverage vCom’s expert resources to do the heavy lifting. vCom will work with your IT team to identify the factors that are most relevant to your business, and the weight of those factors, to evaluate service providers and compare them comprehensively. This process of normalization helps with the effective comparison of different proposed solutions, to help narrow down the best provider possible.

  • Online Shopping Experience
  • Price/Product Benchmarking
  • Quote Management
  • Service Order Workflow

vCom has revolutionized the way businesses buy technology services. Our customers are able to leverage a KAYAK-like web shopping experience, accessible from any browser, anywhere and anytime, with the ability to customize their buying experience to best meet their business needs.

Using our revolutionary shopping platform, customers can compare products from hundreds of service providers, across hundreds of technologies, in order to identify the solution that best meets their needs.

Once a customer leverages our advanced online shopping platform, and selects the solution that best meets their needs, they can track the flow of their quote all the way through to the order stage.

vManager provides a robust service order workflow logic and approval process that’s easily customizable by customer, based on their unique business rules.

  • Contract Negotiations/Review
  • Aggregated Buying Power
  • Contract Approval Workflow
  • Document Center

Whether you’re buying services through our wholesale aggregator, or via the carrier directly, vCom’s expert contract negotiators will work closely with your team and leverage best practices to identify the terms that are most important for your business and negotiate on your behalf. All contracts managed by your vCom Team, including any service orders or exhibits, are easily accessible and centralized via the vManager Document Library, and are linked to the corresponding IT assets, not hidden in a drawer or someone’s email folders.

vCom leverages the buying power of all its enterprise customers, including Fortune 500 enterprises, when negotiating custom pricing and terms with service providers. Customers purchasing IT services through vCom’s Wholesale Aggregator Channel can take advantage of this aggregated buying power to obtain the best pricing and terms. vCom also leverages this aggregated buying power as a means of addressing early termination fees, whenever possible.

Getting contracts approved is typically not a seamless process. There are various conditions that must be met – such as review, negotiations and approval levels. With vCom, clients can set automatic electronic approval workflows that fit their specific processes. A huge benefit of using vCom to manage your contracts, besides negotiating on your behalf, is total visibility and transparency across the entire organization – from reviewing contract status and notifications to pending approvers, email push reminders, and final signatures for peace of mind in knowing that critical IT services are under a watchful eye.

In our document center,  you get access to all of your contracts managed by vCom in one place – rather than filed away in an unknown location. We will provide you with a centralized document repository for all contracts, including vendor account reports, network diagrams and master service agreements. Contracts are linked to corresponding IT assets and renewal timeframes,  making this the go-to-place for all information on your IT assets. You will have the ability to organize, sort, upload, and customize names and descriptions for easier retrieval and review.

  • Order Management
  • Asset Management
  • Service & Support
  • Order Workflow
  • Project Management
  • Carrier Management
  • Testing & Deployment

vManager provides customers a centralized view of all provider orders. The summary information is customized to best meet a customer’s needs. For large projects, daily order summaries can be automatically pushed to Customers’ IT Teams to track daily changes, service delivery, vendor dispatches, inside wiring, and hardware shipment. Need an update on your order after hours? Log into our web portal or mobile app any time for the latest status, specifications or notes.

Our team of experienced project managers works closely with customers to understand their unique business requirements and ensure that services are installed as ordered and in a timely manner. Our team will manage scope of work documents, along with technical documentation, testing plans, network diagrams and all vendor communication. All correspondence between our team, your team and the provider resources are parsed via our email management engine into the corresponding orders for easy access in vManager, during and after the implementation. vManager acts as a central repository of information for ongoing reference.

Our team of provisioners works closely with carrier resources to scrub and accurately submit all orders. They drive escalations to ensure accuracy and timely delivery of services you procure. From verifying technical specifications to validating product compatibility with your equipment, our team focuses on ensuring the success of your deployments.

Once services are installed by the provider and released for testing and validation, our team of experienced engineers works closely with your IT staff and the service provider engineering resources to test and cut over new services. Our staff follows rigorous testing protocols to ensure that the new services work as ordered and meet your business requirements.

  • Carrier Services Inventory
  • Hardware Management
  • Customized Attributes
  • Inventory Reconciliation

vManager provides a central repository of all your carrier inventory, searchable by location, service, reference ID or familiar name. Tied to the inventory are all orders, charges, contracts and associated cost center assignments. This information is easily accessible via the desktop app, and also available on the mobile app for field personnel, with the ability to attach a photo for easy access, another great benefit for the distributed enterprise.

vManager offers an easy-to-use asset management platform for managing hardware and software. Store information like warranty information, depreciation schedule, cost center and asset-tag. Run reports by manufacturer, make and model, or cost center.

vManager enables the storage of customized service attributes by product. This includes line use, to facilitate identifying your IT assets. Your account and service teams work closely to ensure the accuracy of the data, and help you customize the platform to ensure that it meets your specific business needs.

vManager was designed with the purpose of managing IT assets. It enables the storage of technical specification data customized by service. All data is searchable and puts the important information at your IT staff's fingertips when needed most, in the office or on the road.

  • Help Desk / Tech Support / NOC
  • Moves / Adds / Changes / Disconnects
  • Vendor Management & Trouble Shooting
  • Managed Network Services (MNS)

vCom provides a 24/7/365 help desk to manage your IT services. Our team of experienced engineers and specialists is versed with the various technologies, and armed with the best tools including e-bonding to some providers' systems, direct access to provider portals, and escalation lists which are updated regularly to ensure timely escalation when needed most. Customers have the ability to open trouble tickets via the phone, via vManager or via email. All communication between our team and yours is tracked in vManager for future reference.

Once your services are installed, our team will work with you to manage and track any adds, moves, changes or disconnects. All orders are tracked in a centralized view for all providers. Need an update on your order after hours? Log into our web portal or mobile app any time for the latest status, specifications or notes.

vManager provides various tools to track chronic tickets and ensure that they are effectively escalated. In addition, our team meets regularly with service providers to develop relationships, including provider executive sponsorship, that can be leveraged during a deployment or an outage. By leaning on our team for the vendor management, you are gaining specialization and expertise, without giving up access to that provider's technical resources.

vCom provides proactive monitoring of all circuits under management. Our monitoring engine will ensure proactive alert management for dozens of alerts based on set thresholds. In addition to notifying our team, the alerts can be customized to notify your team. Our platform also enables monitoring network hardware, including device health and performance. This enables your team to focus on strategic projects, knowing that our experienced resources are monitoring your network assets and reacting to network events on a 24/7/365 basis.

  • Invoice Management
  • Accounting
  • Analytics
  • Centralized and Normalized
  • Consolidated Billing
  • Invoice Workflow
  • Bill Pay
  • Invoice Audit & Dispute

vManager provides a central repository of all your IT invoices. Long gone are the days of logging into multiple portals for accessing different provider invoices. One platform enables you to access any provider, any technology and any invoice. Our team works to normalize all provider charges into a common nomenclature, to enable you to make sense of and streamline carrier jargon.

For services purchased through our Wholesale Aggregator Channel, you will receive a single consolidated invoice for all carrier services. The invoice breaks out charges by carrier, technology and/or location for easy access. Drill down to see charges down at the line level.

vManager provides you the ability to eliminate all paper management of invoices. Our Invoice Management module features a fully customizable invoice workflow engine, with support for sequential or tandem based approval, and allowing different workflow based on provider account or invoice amount.

vCom automatically pays all Wholesale Aggregator provider invoices, so you only have to write us one check. For invoices purchased through our Carrier Direct Channel or managed via our Expense offering, vCom provides a Bill Pay service where you pay us on a set schedule, and we pay all your provider invoices on your behalf, thereby simplifying the process of bill payment on your Accounts Payables department.

As part of our Lifecycle Management offering, vCom's expert resources will audit your monthly invoices against contracted rates and account activity, and manage any ensuing disputes on your behalf. Our team of cost assurance specialists has collected millions of dollars and shielded customers from thousands of disputes which plague invoices on an annual basis.

  • GL Coding
  • AP Posting File
  • Cost Allocation
  • Budget Management

vManager provides enterprises the ability to fully automate the GL coding process. Our professional services team will work with your IT and accounting teams to build a custom-GL coding process that meets your business needs, and apply the automated process to all new invoices, eliminating the manual GL coding process that burdens IT resources or generates errors.

Once GL coding is built, our professional services team will work with your Accounts Payables team and your ERP provider to build a custom-file that matches the AP System requirements. From that point on, there is no need to manually upload charges by cost center; the AP File is created within moments of the invoice being loaded into vManager, and can be easily downloaded and uploaded into your AP system.

vManager enables customized methods for cost allocation. In addition to supporting cost allocation by location, department, and even down to the employee level, our professional services team will work with you to build customized cost allocation schemas that are applied against each individual invoice to streamline the cost allocation process and eliminate manual work.

vManager provides a streamlined budget management tool for managing your IT costs on an annual basis. A simple template can be downloaded for easy manipulation in Excel, and easy upload for deployment. vManager allows you to track actual progress against your budget, and enables you to forecast for the following fiscal year, reducing an arduous process that takes weeks down to minutes.

  • Report Library
  • Trend Analysis
  • Dashboard / Metrics
  • Utilization
  • Optimization

vManager provides 100+ drillable reports that enable customers to manage their IT assets and associated spend by location, provider, technology, cost center, and even down to the employee level. Graphical and tabular data provides a spherical view of your technology environment. Easy export to Excel or in CSV format allows you to manipulate the data however needed. In addition to pre-built reports, our ad-hoc reporting engine allows you to build and customize your own reports, and auto-email them on a regular basis.

One of the most powerful tools in vManager is vAnalyzer, a running 13-month trend of spend by product, carrier account, and location cost center. Spot trends or percent change from one month to the next, with the ability to drill down to the inventory-level charge. This data can be used for ongoing management and optimization, and comes in handy when preparing your budget using our Budget Management tool.

The vManager Dashboard provides a snapshot of your environment under management, and a summary of what's going on with your IT environment. It provides a slew of actionable ideas for optimizing your spend and reducing your ongoing costs. It also gives you a central location for tracking action items and alerts.

vManager's Utilization module provides a central repository of utilization reports across all your spend categories, with the ability to drill down below the surface to truly understand your organization's utilization. You gain the ability to examine the data whichever way is needed, and based on your role. Want to look at circuit utilization by location? Great. Are you looking for inventory with no usage? Great. The information is at your fingertips, to help you best manage your technology and the associated spend.

vManager enables you to flag outliers and fluctuations, and offer reports that automatically provide savings opportunities while eliminating manual analysis and taking advantage of intelligent reporting. It puts the intelligence in Business Intelligence.

Our managed services provide end-to-end IT lifecycle management for greater productivity in every area of your technology spend.